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Exclusive Private Parties & Events:

At “Event Creations” we plan elegant, glamorous and fun private events, no matter how big or small they are. From two table private reservations to a full venue, we strive to throw your party in a full mood! We can propose you the perfect location for Weddings, bachelor and birthday parties, Cruise or Beach Parties, Thematic Parties, Baptisms or any other celebration. In the heart of our luxury event planning and execution, is the ability to understand that your imagination is the most important aspect for a successful event. We also know that services and support are equally important for any event. Therefore, we cooperate only with those suppliers who share our core values and work hard to make every event ‘the best we have ever planned’. Having direct access to first class suppliers and entertainers and to our own technical equipment, we always create magical, immersive and first class experiences for our clients..

Event Management:

We undertake everything concerning the event, from the arrival of participants right to their destination till the final show and we find solutions to any challenge in order to create a unique and exceptional event experience! We always provide a team dedicated to only your event. Since we plan only one event at a time, we have no competing events that will pull technicians or resources away from your event. This means you pay for dedicated support for your event – not anyone else’s.